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Eco-Features and Benefits

At Eco Living Chicago, we provide you with lasting, durable materials such as flooring, insulation, and solvents that are made from rapidly renewable or recycled materials. In addition to being rapidly renewable, the impressive durability of these materials means less frequent replacement, less waste, and lower long-term costs.

Improve Health - Improve indoor air quality

Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors. By building green, the use of fresh air for ventilation and low or no-VOC paints, finishes and sealants as well as formaldehyde-free custom cabinets help prevent indoor air pollution, that can trigger asthma and other illnesses.

Energy Efficiency - Reduce Operating and Maintenance Costs

The best certification system we currently have for that is the EPA's Energy Star standard. Energy Star requires buildings to have their energy efficiency measured by an outside party when construction is complete. We are projecting to exceed the EPA's Residential Energy Star standard by over 90%.

Conserve Natural Resources

Building will have a green roof which requires no water or maintenance after a short initial establishment phase. Benefits of the green roof:

Most materials produced within 500 miles of building site, supporting the local regional economy and cutting use of fossil fuels for shipping.

Storm water runs to ground where it percolates down into the porous soil instead of Chicago's overwhelmed storm sewers. Building has already been approved under the Chicago Green Permit Program and has also received Chicago Green Homes Certification. We are currently seeking the Energy Star rating.

Renewable and Recycled Materials

Products that are made from renewable natural resources, reducing strain on our limited natural resources.



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