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The high quality of construction needed to achieve a Chicago Green Homes Certificate 3 Star Rating means you are purchasing a unit in a well-designed and durable building. This makes the cost of operating your home much lower than a comparable "conventional" property.

Tax Smart

Eco Living Chicago is in a "targeted area" which means the low-to-moderate-income and first-time buyer exclusions don't apply for people obtaining this type of financing. Must be done through a participating lender.

CRA Incentives

CRA stands for "Community Reinvestment Act". This law requires that banks lend equally in all areas of town. There are 2 ways a borrower can qualify for these incentives for their mortgage:

  1. Buyer meets the low-to-moderate household income requirement
  2. The property is located within a CRA census tract.

These incentives vary depending on the loan amount and can change during the year.



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